A New Crime In Paradise

Oh well…the same old dark side of Maldives, another prominent political resignation, prisoners having their own way, bunch of foreign prostitutes getting caught and police follow through on the drug issue. Yawn…nothing new. But….OH SHIT!!! Crack my nuts in half, the cops caught a paedophile. Not JUST a paedophile but a five star one. A child porn director/producer. My my. Now this is news.

This guy, apparently, lured 35 children into having sexual acts with him. Oh wait…CRAP! They were all male children, in other words-boys. According to police, this guy had taken high resolution pictures and videos of the boys while in the act, with him and with other boys. Shit…this is so disgusting that I could feel my gastric remains up my neck. Here we go guys, something new, a homosexual child porn network in paradise.

Police website states that they identified only four children out of the 35 boys. They ask all parents who know this chimp-faced guy to contact the police. This number could actually rise. The worst thing is that most boys were 10-11 years old in the pictures and videos and some of these boys have turned eighteen since then. Meaning this has been going on for ages.

The man was caught on allegation of taking part in alcohol trade. But his computer hard disk had a lot more than that to say. He lured the boys using alcohol, money, movies, video games and other similar means. This is disgusting but not surprising at the rate our crime rate has sky-rocketed fuelled by money, alcohol and drugs.

Hey that’s ok though. He will end up in Maafushi Island Resort. Our newest five star resort where prisoners shower with mineral water, eat dates on gold plated skewers and take drugs at will. He wouldn’t have to worry about being banged by guys as he will enjoy it. Hooray for the Maldives justice system?

Anyway people, we have a new coin added to our criminal piggy bank. Paedophiles ain’t nothing new, but child homosexual pornography is. Our parents have been so ignorant letting their children trust strangers and letting them stay alone with distance relatives and friends. Things have changed. A repeated word of caution parents, WAKE THE F**K UP!!





4 Responses to “A New Crime In Paradise”

  1. Shaff Says:

    That’s so bloody disgusting!!! Seriously I wonder when the police/govt will take action against these criminals…and i mean everyone of them! Just heard that the court released 2 or 3 drug dealers who were caught red handed bringing in drugs! Apparently no strong evidence and also that it’s not right to keep them in jail for so long!!!??? WTF????

  2. fern Says:

    Really sickening news! It again proves how our society has changed and how ignorant the people are….there would have been plenty of clues in the years from the abused boys..But who cares to look deeper eh! The first thing that struck my mind was about the new wave of bloggers who have become quite vocal in ‘defending their rights as gays’…could this bunch of young men be a product of this criminal man? Could he have nurtured them and convinced them into being a ‘born gay’?

  3. Thallo Says:

    Never mind your nuts. Crack HIS nuts in half.

  4. Muiz Says:

    Its undescribable how disgusted and appalled I am to hear this news, spcially coming out of a “100% Muslim” country!!! I sincerely call upon the Nasheed governement to crack down on peodophiles and child pornography, and put this task at the very top at national level…

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